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Somali Youth Development Resource Centre

Our vision

Our vision is of a society where young Somali people can realise their full potential.

We’re the only youth-led organisation in Camden running activities and services for young people – and we run the N1Centre too!


“To empower and inspire young Somali people to achieve their true potential by equipping them with the tools for tomorrow, to enable them to take responsibility for their lives and develop as individuals and make the successful transition to adulthood

We value all young Somali people their families, our community, culture, religion, and language.

  • We support and celebrate the active participation of young people and the contributions they make to SYDRC, our community and society.
  • We’re committed to running flexible, responsive high quality services for young people 
  • We respect the principles of tolerance, honesty, integrity, trust and decency. 
  • We encourage the involvement of young Somali people and other young people in decision making processes

We’re always interested in talking to local businesses and organisations that want to make a difference for young people.

We’re updating our website and would love to hear how we can make it easier for you to book activities and the great facilities at the N1Centre. 

Feel free to tell us next time you visit!

Our Partners

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