Our History

Somali Youth Development Resource Centre (SYDRC) was established in September 2000.A research produced by the Institute of Education, London University revealed that only 1 Somali child had passed the GCSE examination in 1999. This research also examined the numbers of Somali Children passing their GCSEs. At GCSE level, Camden pupil`s averaged 47.7% gaining five A*-C passes but Somali pupils average was only 3.1%.

Hence, in order to tackle these challenges SYDRC has built a coordinated, comprehensive local agenda to support the integration of Somali youth into Camden schools and community. SYDRC was able to challenge underachievement and has contributed to the development of Somali young people in Camden. In 2010 academic year SYDRC first prize winner achieved 10A*s in her GCSE in every subject she took and set benchmark of her own and currently studying Medicine at Kings College University.

This was in comparison to 2000 when the Somali community became actively conscious of the grades their children were receiving at GCSE level, which were abysmal and very unsatisfactory. As result of SYDRC Annual Educational Achievement Award, weekend supplementary classes, school mentoring and Somali parents hard work our pupils’ are climbing to the top of the educational league with an average of 64%. Overall, the educational achievement has increased from 3.1% to 64% for girls and 59% for boys and still increasing gradually year upon year.

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